District 2 Mission Statement


Through participation in Montana District 2 Little League baseball and softball activities, we will help build the character, citizenship, and health of our children, families, neighborhoods and communities.  As a District, it is our commitment to provide the tools, resources, support, and opportunities for our leagues to achieve this mission. 


The CHILDREN are why we are here – their needs come first, always.

We are a TEAM.  Our success depends upon each other’s success.

We strive to always improve upon what we do – The more we learn, the better we will be – We will strive to do our best always.

We celebrate everyone's successes!

We will break down the miles that separate us – communication can always be improved.

Decisions always have to reflect equity.

We look out for the less privileged.

We are the leaders among our colleagues and other programs.

We will expand and grow our district to offer more opportunities to more participants.

We work hard, work smart, and work efficiently.

We are responsible to set a positive example.

Little League HAS TO BE FUN.



Local Sponsors

Montana Little League District 2

Keith Miller, 1925 S. Jackson Street
Butte, Montana 59701

Phone: 406-498-2640

Email: [email protected]